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Summer Wheatley
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Summer Wheatley
Don Moser (boyfriend)
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Summer Wheatley is a stuck up popular student at Preston High, who antagonizes Napoleon and runs against Pedro in the school election. She is considered to be the main antagonist of the movie. She is portrayed by Haylie Duff.


Summer is a cashier, some type of track and field member, and is possibly a member of the happy hands club. She is a popular student at Preston High, and is Don's girlfriend.

In the movie, she is first seen talking with her friends. Pedro becomes infatuated with her, and makes her a cake in hopes that she will return these feelings, which she does not. She then decides to run for class president, and with the help of Don and Trisha, she starts up a campaign. She hands out buttons and has a skit involving her happy hands club, but loses to Pedro, and is not seen for the rest of the movie.

Summer also appears in the TV series, with Haylie Duff returning to voice her.


Memorable QuotesEdit

"Well, I never thought I would make it here today. I would be a great class president because I promise to put two new pop machines in the cafeteria, and I'm also gonna get a glitter Bonnebell dispenser for all the girls' bathrooms. Oh, we're gonna get new cheerleading uniforms. Anyway, I think I'd be a great class president, so, uh... who wants to eat "chimini-changas" next year? Not me. See, with me, it will be summer all year long. Vote for Summer."
—Summer Wheatley
"Hi. Vote for Summer. Hi, ladies. Vote for Summer. You guys voting?"
—Summer Wheatley