Rex Kwon Do Dojo

The Rex Kwon Do Dojo is Rex's dojo. Rex teaches Rex Kwon Do, a martial art that he claims to have developed "over two seasons of fighting in the octagon." As shown, it appears to be little more then cheap shots and Rex picking on weaker people. To sign up, one must go to a free trial lesson, and then pay $300 to participate in an eight-week program.

According to Rex's commercial, the dojo is located at 2991 N. State, Preston Idaho.


Rex's dojo is filled with Americana, trophies, medals, and pictures of his wrestling career. The actual inside is very small to be a dojo, really only being one room. The entrance and outside of the dojo has a red and white roof, with an unclear design. On the roof, there is a sign that says "Rex Kwon Do." Beneath it are 2 glass windows with something on display, and a door in the middle.

One wall, called the "Wall of Honor", has a big American flag draped 90 degrees down the wall, with pictures of Rex's wrestling career beside it. On either side of them are 2 blue mats. The wall of honor is seen in Rex's commercial.

The wall parallel to the Wall of Honor has a mirror that covers almost the whole wall. Above the mirror is a banner which reads:

I will respect Rex

I will not misuse Rex Kwon Do

I will be a champion of freedom and justice

These principles appear to have been adapted from the Taekwondo student oath.