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Don Moser
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Don Moser
Summer Wheatley (girlfriend)
Napoleon (bullying victim)
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Don Moser is a student at Preston High in Preston, Idaho. He is a jock, Summer Wheatley's boyfriend and bullies Napoleon Dynamite by teasing him and making fun of him. He is portrayed by Trevor Snarr.


In the film, Don is a minor character and presumed member of one of the school's sports teams. He is romantically involved with Summer Wheatley, and is also shown to be a friend of Trisha Stevens. While he certainly doesn't treat Napoleon with any form of respect, he is not outwardly malicious towards him, more often than not seen quietly chuckling at Napoleon's bizarre behavior. He has a tendency to ask Napoleon to elaborate on his outlandish claims for his own enjoyment, knowing for a fact that Napoleon is lying.

He also appeared in the TV series. He is voiced by the series executive producer Jared Hess. He seems to be more of a bully instead of a jock in this carnation (replacing Randy), and it is revealed that he is from a wealthy family.


  • His last name is Moser. This is confirmed by the fact that his mother is referred to as Mrs. Moser in the episode "Scantronica Love."
  • On the Tv Show, his hair has similarities to Ennis Hofftard from Sit Down Shut Up, another show from Fox.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Hey, Napoleon, what'd you do all last summer again?"
—Don Moser
"Vote for Summer."
—Don Moser