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Deborah Elizabeth Bradshaw
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Pedro (friend)
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Deborah Elizabeth Bradshaw (born February 6, 1988) is a local glamour shot producer in Preston, Idaho. She befriends (and then develops a crush on) Napoleon after he returns her handicrafts to her. She is portrayed by Tina Majorino.


Deb is seen as uncomfortable to be around, which could be the cause of her unpopularity at school. She speaks very calmly, and in an almost monotone way. She occasionally looks down even in mid speech to the person she's talking with. When Deb is happy, she will have a big change in personality, having a normal voice, and even smiling.


Though there is no family background on Deb, she is believed to live in an incomplete household.

Deb is first seen at Napoleon's front porch. She is there to advertise her glamour shot business and to sell handicrafts, like key chains, so she can earn enough money to get into a college. When Napoleon continually denies her of service and Kip upsets her, she shoves a case of handicrafts into Napoleon's arms and runs away from him. The next day, Napoleon gives the case back to her, and even keeps a key chain to himself. Napoleon seemingly did this so he could befriend her, and eventually ask her to the dance, but Pedro messes this up by asking her out himself, after being shot down by Summer.

After the dance, Deb stays friends with Napoleon and Pedro, and continues to run her glamour shot business. She gives Pedro a wig when he shaves his hair off, and makes Uncle Rico and Kip's business look more official by taking pictures of them and putting them on cards. Uncle Rico offers her breast enhancers, saying Napoleon suggested it, causing all three to dislike each other (except for Rico with Deb, but not the other way around). However, Napoleon's performance at the final class presidency speech causes her to like Napoleon again, and they play a game of tether ball together.

Deb appears at Kip and LaFawnduh's wedding, which means that she stayed friends with Napoleon and Pedro. She takes a picture of Napoleon on the horse.

Memorable Quotes[]

"What's a liger?"
"Maybe you'd be interested in some home-woven handicrafts."
"Okay, hold still right there. Now, just image you're weightless. You're in the middle of the ocean... surrounded by tiny little sea horses."
"I don't need herbal enhancers to feel good about myself. And if you're so concerned about that, why don't you try eating some yourself?"